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Creators of bespoke software solutions for business and pleasure.

Who are we?Real world nerds! Computer programmers with business experience.

Computers are supposed to make our lives easier. We write software solutions that do just that.
Let the silicon take the strain.
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What do we do?Softwares and applications for efficient business practices...

Running a busy office or company is hard enough without getting bogged in mundane chores. Our goal is to free up time with efficient solutions.
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Who do we do it for?Our visionary clients...

We view our clients as a brave and wise bunch. They understand how technology can assist us - and they turn to us to make that happen.

We fully involve our clients in the design and build process because we want our software to do EXACTLY what our client wants. That's why they get access to our project management portal.
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Get in touchHow can we improve your business practices?

We are always happy to discuss, in a down to earth way, how we can help you get on with the important tasks and leave the drudgery to machines.

Often our clients are pleasently surprised by what is possible and how cost effective it is. If you thought computer programmers cost a fortune and spoke in binary, think again!
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Innovation Finalist


Making a difference

Director - RB Media

Tanya ruffles

"I can say with confidence that the software, Merlin Software has created us has already paid for itself in less than 12months. In my opinion this investment was well worth it. More local businesses should be aware that software solutions can be tailored no matter how small or large your company..." Find Out More

Office Automation

Applications... ...that help you but do not control you.

We design and implement software in the following areas;
Database / Data Management

Invoicing / Accounting

Emailing / Bulk Mail

Printing / Reporting

And virtually anything you need to automate.


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